Self Love is not selfish

“Our faith lives within us, you have to be brave enough to see them” – Princess Merida, Disney


Adulting is hard with everyday struggles. Its so important to spread that positive energy and love as we all need that motivation and pep talk to grow over our fears, negativity, stress, anxiety and worries. Although its recommended that we should journal our thoughts but we all need some inspiration source, right?

The upcoming blogs will be addressing abstract ideas or emotions which we all have that in our mind but never talk about. At times it’s difficult to express, right? All we need is that one person to look at you and say “I feel you”

Have you wondering what if this person was a better version of yourself? What if you could help the past YOU to motivate yourself in that difficult times where you found yourself stuck and lost? We can’t go to the past but can definitely change the present and future.

Looking back we all wished someone guided us but we all forget one thing that even when things changed the only thing constant was the REAL you which consists of your mind, body and soul.

“Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live”- Jim Rohn

Think about it, did you value yourself? If not then it’s never too late to start loving yourself. And I’ll write more in detail in the upcoming blogs.

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Disclaimer – I am not a mental health expert. If someone is suffering from any issues the tips and suggestions might not be helpful as they should consult a medical professional for help.

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