It’s been a month now that we are quarantining. Today, most of us are feeling imprisoned at home because of the worldwide pandemic. Our normal routine has a drastic change. We are somewhere bound to stress out on the situation. In the end, we are tending to give power to other sources (bad news on the internet) for controlling our present mood. Currently, we are physically (quarantining), or emotionally trapped because of the relationships around. It is an unpleasant emotion that is hard to express in words. Feeling entrapped can relate to being stuck and helpless. As if we are locked in a cage where the keys are lost and no one is coming to rescue us. Like any other negative emotion, this only multiplies leading to depression.

Putting our energy in the right direction is crucial. In case of being emotionally trapped, we need to analyze the situation and think of possible rational solutions. Saying no to pain and prioritizing ones mental health is important. Trying not to be too hard on yourself by blaming yourself for landing up in a terrible situation. Remember the situation is bad which makes people bad. People tend to react differently given the same conditions and situations.

We need to change our prospects of life situations. Planning goals for the day is a small start to the day. Once we have that in our mind we can be productive. Either think about the next day before bed or when you wake up so that you are excited about the new task of the day. It can be merely clearing the clutter or cooking a new recipe or something else which can be the highlight of the day. Making each day count matters. Seeing the light in the darkness will help to drive the negativity away. You can also choose to write down your task of the day. I believe that is a way to reflect and read your feeling or situations. In case you find writing difficult then you can find the app “Reflect” which has preset questions. All you need to do is answer the questions and it will help you to know the highlight of the day.

Self-talk is another aspect that can be helpful. Training your mind is a way to develop the optimistic side of life. Instead of saying a negative sentence how about, we replace it with positive affirmation which have a bright side and hope. For instance, these sentences can be approached in a positive manner :

  • Negative -“I have never done it before” turn into positive-” Its an opportunity to learn something new.”
  • Negative – “It is too complicated” should be “I will tackle it from a different angle”
  • Negative -“Everything is boring during this quarantine.” can be seen as “Its time to be productive and focusing on building my happy place”

Practicing positive thinking will lead to positive outcomes. It is always easy to say but taking the first step is most difficult. Once you do then it will add good vibes around. Benefits of positive thinking are as follows:

  1. Increases life span.
  2. Lower rate of depression and level of distress.
  3. It helps to cope with skills during hardships and times of stress.
  4. Healthy mind and body.

Let us all add more positivity in this world by taking small steps towards ourselves. Remember the power is within you! More in my next post till then stay healthy and safe. 🙂

“Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark. “

Dan Miller

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