Materialistic world

“Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First, we make our choices. Then our choices make us.” – Anne Frank

Are we living in a materialistic world? Do we give importance to things over emotions? Unfortunately, we do and have adapted it as a mandatory trait in society. The materialistic world consists of where people give prestige to reputation, wealth, and all other non-living objects. This type of world which we have built is temporary and fake. It has made society with emptiness without emotions. Everyone just wants to compete and impress to owe some particular brand valuables to show off among their circle. Isn’t that true? There is no end to this toxic attitude which results in jealousy. 

The constant comparison with friends or someone whom you want to show off only causes depression and anxiety. It leads to manipulative behavior which is socially destructive.

If you are a product of a materialistic universe, how is it that you don’t feel at home there? –C. S. Lewis

There can be a thin difference between good and bad materialism. Sometimes there are things which are basic necessities whereas others can be luxurious in order to show prestige. Here are two daily routine habits that most of us go through.

1. Shopping-

How often we shop for the branded and expensive stuff which we need to show off in the next event? If you paused and nodded yes then you will agree it’s a materialistic trait. Gone are the days when we used to shop and not repeat the dresses just because your friends have already seen it. And today during this pandemic we open our wardrobe and see all these branded clothes lying there as it is. Now we all wonder when we will be back to our normal life where we can wear our favorite dress again. The book “Confessions of a Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella is the perfect example of this scenario, where the girl gave so much importance for updating her wardrobe by shopping most of the time, that she missed out on the important relations in her life. Shopping can be addictive which will always have a short of contentment. We need to question ourselves “Is the product we are purchasing the real need for the hour? What is the purpose or intension for the purchase?” Often, we invest in things for the sake of social prestige or peer pressure for some bandwagon effect. Can’t we live in simplicity? 

2. Social media –

Of course, we all use it regularly. Before this pandemic, we all had so much to share and post about our life. We depict good positive vibes and happy pictures. But when someone is sad or unhappy in their life, they do not share it or grab attention. Have you thought social media is sometimes (or most of the time) a fake world we try to live in.? It does not mean we have to delete our social media. Like others, I am no different even I am part of the same vicious cycle. But we need to curb the intake of news which pops on our newsfeeds. Also, too much time on our phone makes us miss the present moments. Instead, we should value people who are around us. Human relations are not built by having plenty of friends online but none of them want to talk in real. Isn’t that weird? 

We all can escape this materialistic world to a place where people are valued more. We all know that money can’t buy happiness, yet we chase and try to bribe our fake emotions we show the world. This pandemic has made us self reflect and pause our actions. Let’s elevate ourselves towards practicing gratitude. In the end, it is our relations with others that are more valued than our possessions. I can conclude by the takeaways of:

  1. Being humble is the key to maintain relations.
  2. Being thankful for all valuable people in life.
  3. Building a happy place.
  4. Prioritizing yourself in all situations all the time.
  5. Making a motto in life and you will always be happy.
  6. Appreciating small things happening on a daily basis.

“Acknowledge your gifts and be grateful to the source. Because if you know from whom you are receiving, you can always go back for more.” – Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Hope this was helpful. More intense topics in the next blog. If you haven’t subscribed yet then please do. Till then stay positive and stay strong. Keep loving yourself because in the end its your body and soul which is there with you in all phases of life! 🙂

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