Trust your instincts !!

“All you have to do is to pay attention, lessons always arrive when you are ready and if you can read the signs, you will learn everything you need to know to take the next step”- Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

Whenever we are in a difficult situation to make a choice all we have been suggested to do is listen to our inner voice. But then sometimes we think how is it even possible? It can be merely a decision stuck between heart and mind. Sometimes we think practically what must be done and other times we make decisions emotionally because we are often attached and cannot let it go. Does our inner voice guide us? How do we hear them in all this busy life?

We all know to trust our instinct as they never lie. The inner voice can be referred to as our gut feeling or instincts. It can be even our sixth sense which we need to listen so that we can be saved from a problem. It helps us direct our life decisions. I am sure we all have been in situations where we felt that something is fishy by either a person’s vibe or a certain environment. Sometimes we do ignore that inner voice or feeling which warns us and intent to jump into the unknown area without being aware of the consequences. And once we get more clues of this hidden mysterious person or scenario all the missing dots connect easily. 

No one is born having an expert feeling of what can be wrong but with the experience, we learn. And our gut feeling or instincts develop with time. For example, when we introduce a new friend to our parents, they will immediately know who can be toxic for us and hence they warn us. In most cases parents are right and we tend not to obey them.

“Always let your conscience be your guide.” — The Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)

We live in a world with people who have good as well as bad energy. We can be blinded to some sugar-coating good vibe which might be harmful to us in the long run. The feeling of how you are in the situation or with the person can never lie. 

Being a Disney fan, I relate the movies with the hidden life meaning which it is trying to convey to us. In the Pixar movie Inside out, our emotions were given a face and how all of them try to control a scenario. Our intuition is one of the feelings of fear which tries to warn us by giving us second thoughts. But the character is so cowardly that it can hardly make his voice count in all the other emotions. And it can be like our inner voice or instincts which is within us but cannot be loud or courageous so that it is clear to us. It doesn’t mean that emotion is not at all there but just very feeble.  

Intuition is the voice of our soul. Our body and soul are interlinked. And when we allow our soul to express itself then it is called freeing our spirit. Our body silently absorbs experiences that give us emotions like goosebumps or déjà vu. Our body has memory and stores emotions through past experiences. It remembers the feeling since the trauma is still living in us deep within. Our gut feeling resists and protects us which might make us uncomfortable. If we ignore the signs, then we will feel vulnerable and suffocated. Being aware of the pain and trauma can be a blessing. We need to take care of our bodies. 

“Faith requires following the power of a whisper.” – Shannon L. Alder

There are two ways where we can enhance our inner voice so that we can listen to it with more clarity.

  1. Pay attention to emotions – 

We can only reflect and analyze if we have some time off or are in a silent environment. We should keep in mind that not to numb the pain else it will feel crushed. Also, do not let your mind take over. It will merely end up overthinking. Observing the most powerful feeling is a way to understand ourselves better. Do not be too hard on yourself if it is not happening the first time. Since it can only enhance with time and experience as they are the best life teachers. Our intuitions have a pattern and it often is expressed with our body language or feelings. We need to understand and observe so that we can be aware of when it is warning us to be cautious.

2. Create space for inner voice –

In our busy lives, it is difficult to be an expert on making the right decision without rationally thinking of the consequences. We need to find a quiet space that can help our thoughts in a better manner. It can be done in three ways: prayer, meditation or take a walk alone. Prayer is the most powerful way of spirituality. The mind needs to be calm to find a proper solution and meditation can be the best tool. Meditation helps to realize all the unwanted thoughts towards clarity and self-worth. Last is taking a walk which is not only as an exercise but also when we spend time alone, we tend to reflect more adequately.

Every individual is gifted with the ability to their inner voice. When we hear it that is when our inner wisdom can be manifested. In the end, it will help you have clarity in thoughts, predictable, and better in decision making.

“The more you trust your intuition the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, the happier you become” – Gisele Bundchen

Stay tuned for the next week with a new article. Stay safe and healthy. Keep spreading the positive vibes. 🙂

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