Shoo away the negativity!

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

We cannot have good and positive thoughts all the time. Although it is said to keep positivity in life, in reality, it is difficult. Our mind is most of the time occupied thinking about some issues which are the source of our negativity. It leads to having traits of a pessimist. Dark energy makes us feel sad and depressed as if we are stuck in a room of darkness. Have you ever felt as if things are not working as per your plan? Do you feel as if there is an energy that is pulling you down and you are helpless even if you want to save yourself?

Our thoughts depend on what we feed our minds. Remember its okay not to be okay. What is not okay is to decide to be there without bulging and blaming the situation. We need to manage negative emotions and thoughts without ignoring the feeling of being vulnerable and weak. When we let negative energy take control then it creates a sense of self-doubt that pulls away from the positive mindset. The negativity drowns us so deep that we find ourselves suffocated and cannot swim to survive. The feeling of despair and loss of hope gets stronger. It breaks our self-confidence drastically. We can change it by self-improving and feeding our minds with positivity. Do not let the negative spirit drain your energy. We need to keep finding motivation in our daily life so that the negativity does not take over our minds. 

“As soon as you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start to get positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Negative thoughts are like those villains in the movies who want us to be trapped which will only ruin us. I would relate negativity with the Dementor from the Harry Potter series. If you haven’t been a Potterhead then let me brief you. Dementor feeds on good memories and sucks all the happiness leaving a person with a bad experience. Similar way negativity makes us stop seeing the brighter side of life. Dementors can be defeated only by one happy memory from the past with the spell “Expecto Patronum”. Wouldn’t life be easy if we could use the Patronus spell in real life and shoo the negativity away? From this, we can conclude that need positivity to overcome negativity.

Negativity influences everyone’s life. It gives us feelings of disappointment, stress, anxiety, and worries. We should not let it affect our life. We need to change the negative to positivity. Here are three ways:

  • Pep talk –

Inspiration and motivation are like taking a shower daily where we need to keep our daily hygiene. Similarly, our mind needs its daily dose of positivity every day. It can be in the form of a podcast, TedTalks, webinars, tv shows, books, etc. Find ways for positive vibes which will help to build your happy place. Having some famous people who can be ideal can help as they will inspire the energy resulting in positive outcomes. It can even be talking to a person who encourages you when you feel low. We constantly need that pep talk when we find ourselves lost with negativity so find the best way which suits you.

  • Break the cycle –

If you do not act towards them having a change there will be a feeling of déjà vu. Unless there is a different approach or solution for the problem, we end up running in circles. The more you hold on to that energy it will only keep harming you by being grumpy or bad mood. We often tend to give power to the feeling to control our day. At times that is even seen by getting angry on petty issues or using someone as a punching bag for removing that negativity. Learn to let it go and clear that mind space for inner peace. Take some time off as being alone self-reflection and solutions work better rather than having people or things keeping you occupied.

  • Manifest –

The law of attraction is a simple way to manifest our life. It states that our mind has the power to control our emotions. The energy we give the universe has a way of returning it to us. So, if we think of something bad it will happen so, and likewise, if it is for something good then the results will be positive. It is very important in which direction and how do we process our thoughts for the outcome. Like the proverb, you reap what you sow is how the power of manifestation works. 

I would like to conclude that life is full of experiences and we should not overthink or underestimate the power of positivity. We all have our struggles and are on different levels of life. We could be battling the same demons of negativity in various avatars. The result should be winning with a positive attitude. Managing negative feelings is about acknowledging the way that we are feeling them, asking ourselves why we are feeling this way, and listen to the hidden messages that this situation is trying to teach us to move ahead. Once the hard times pass we see ourselves grown stronger than before. Eventually, we find the way out of the dark forest with a positive mindset of not giving up and keeping the ray of hope.

“Love yourself. It is essential to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” – Jenn Proske

Hope this article was helpful and informative. If you have any other recommendations which worked for you do mention in the comments section. Let us keep spreading positive vibes. Be healthy and safe. Stay tuned for a new post till next week!

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