All we need is a little sunshine! :)

It’s a human tendency to always look for validations in whatever task we do. And that’s how we get influenced. Most of the times we get pulled down adjusting ourselves with the social norms which have been preset. Isn’t it strange that we cannot violate even in today’s 21st century?

In the end we all go through stress creating a pattern of worries which affects us. We tend to find ways to get rid and not fall in this vicious cycle but then in the end we fail ending in giving up on the situation because we are helpless

Do you ever think what if there was someone to guide you through this phase? What if that person was YOU and not others? Could you be your own inspiration and write the story of you life by taking charge? Of course! Here are two simple way:

The first step to this is ACCEPTANCE. Whatever is the scenario, always accept since nothing can be changed from the past. Breathe let it go. Remember you are stronger than the storms you are facing right now which is a temporary and wont last forever.

The second step is to write down your thoughts. This involves two parts, to vent out how you feel describing all the vulnerabilities. Other is going to be a letter from the FUTURE yourself (who has fearlessly overcome the problem) to the PRESENT you (who is still miserable in pain). I know this sounds ridiculous in today’s age where we need family and friends around to support us. But then give it a try to this method as its a first step toward LOVING YOURSELF more.

In the end, its YOU who was courageous to defeat the negativity. Its time to be your own hero in your life by taking control. Don’t let others tell you what to do. Because in the end its your body, mind and soul which will never leave you when the rest of the things around constantly keep changing and evolving. While writing (or can maintain a journal) in the beginning it could be difficult but eventually you will realize that you were the brave one who was the sunshine in the darkness! šŸ™‚

“Have Courage and Be Kind” – Cinderella

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