Healing yourself

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~Rumi

Healing is a process that happens eventually. It needs a lot of patience to recover from the wounds. I am referring to emotional healing. We all have been in phases where we are heartbroken or disappointed. The pain is hard to express in words but can feel it emotionally. We do face rejections and heartbreaks from the events that life throws at us each day. There are so many emotions we deal with daily that we learn to cope with how to change the negative ones to positive. Some days we feel vulnerable to the past and hoped to have a different outcome where would have a happy ending. In the world of social media and sharing happy moments with the world we all find reasons for validation and closure. 

Like every blog of mine, I do like to compare a fictional character to reality. When it comes to healing yourself I think of the superheroes who have healing powers. Do you think we have them as well? Of course, we do heal but in our ways. I can relate to either superman or wolverine who used to heal themselves from the injuries in a few minutes. Growing up we all wanted to be part of the X-men with those supernatural powers. Fantasy fictional characters also have hidden human traits that are highlighted. Another example would be a video game where there is a character who has to unlock a healing power to stay in the level longer. Similarly, in our life, we need to find ways which can heal us and keep us physically as well as emotionally strong.

Healing is a choice where one needs to be very determined to overcome emotional pain. It does not happen in a day. For some, it can take months and for other years. While healing one’s pain is often numb in such a manner that it doesn’t bother any longer. Forgetting and letting go of something or someone whom you cared about is hard. But if we see it as a lesson and experience then our prospect will change to heal sooner. Just like any physical injury takes time to heal where we give our body time to fully recover similarly emotionally healing is time-consuming. 

“We cannot selectively numb emotions. When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” ~Brené Brown

While healing ourselves we should not get addicted to something wrong which can be harmful. Some believe that alcohol or smoking helps to ease the pain, perhaps it could be true. Although it’s a temporary solution to forget the pain ruining health in the future. And when you come to your senses then you will again feel the same pain which you have been running away from. In a long run, you will be depending on an external source to heal instead of doing it yourself.

Another common thing most of us do is crying which is a way of expressing. It is okay to cry. Tears are not a sign of weakness. Holding up your emotions is not healthy as builds up the pain inside. When a kid cries, they are mostly said to stop crying. But when we grow up the tears we rarely cry. Sometimes it is normal to cry to let go of the pain which can help to a step closer to healing yourself. Learning from the past as a lesson by either writing or expressing by indulging in a hobby. Remember you are not broken just bend with the situation. Fixing yourself is like you standing for yourself like a warrior.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” ~Kahlil Gibran

Here are four ways to heal yourself :

1. Daily source of positivity –

The way we need to shower daily to keep our body clean similarly we need positivity to fill our mind. Negativity plays mind games. We need to find a way to build a daily source of inspiration through books or podcasts. 

2. Press the reset button

We need to accept and move on. The journey will be rough but eventually, there will be a day when you completely heal. Usually, there is a glow on your face when you find the real you by resetting your story. Just like the reset button on our phone helps to restore factory settings, we too can do it in our lives.

3. Awaken the spiritual soul

Mindfulness is a way to calm your mind. Healing needs peace and cannot happen if our mind is chaos. Prayers are powerful which helps us towards awakening our soul. Simple gratitude prayer daily can make a difference in one’s mindset. Meditation is considered as part of prayers. Positive affirmations are another way to build self-confidence as well as awakening the soul.

4. More Self-love

Accepting yourself the way you are is one form of self-love. Once we find our passion then we can focus on developing a hobby. We need to enjoy our alone time by keeping ourselves busy. Small treats to yourself in form of gifts or spa can lift your mood. Essential oil or aromatic candles help to drive the negativity out and bring a positive environment. 

A blessing is present only in something that is hidden from the view – Talmud, Taanit 8a

Hope this article was helpful and informative. If you have any other recommendations which worked for you do mention in the comments section. Let us keep spreading positive vibes. Be healthy and safe. Stay tuned for a new post till next week! 🙂

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