Inner Peace :)

Our priorities have changed by focusing more on physical health than our mental health. Stress, worry and depression are being part of our lives. And we don’t need such negativity which constantly pulls us down. We need to uplift ourselves. Finding inner peace is what we need to do when we seek happiness.

There are five easy steps we can take towards mindfulness while dealing with worries and uncertainty in life.

1. Improve sleeping patterns – Our mind and body have a direct relationship with sleep. If our body doesn’t get enough sleep then our mind won’t be able to function properly. A healthy mindfulness begins having a goodnight sleep. In case someone is facing difficulty sleeping try the following :

  • Eat a light and early dinner
  • Drink a warm milk
  • Plan your morning routine in advance
  • Keep electronic devices aside ( phone, TV, computer, social media etc)
  • Practice deep breathing exercise

2. Acceptance – Stop stressing about the problem. Overthinking will only drain your energy. Instead convert that energy into positive vibes. It will help for spreading around hope and harmony. Train our mind to accept the circumstances. Unless we calm our mind, there will always be panic in it. Accepting the present situation helps cultivating a sense of inner peace. When we attained that peace, we have a calm mind and strength. This will result in having less anxiety or fear. Focus on the positive aspect in any situation as it will help you find the sunshine in the darkness. Chase the light of hope.

3. Meditation Practicing meditation will help to find inner peace for calming our mind that has plenty of thoughts going on all the time. Allow your mind relax and calm down. Download a guided meditation podcast (Daily meditation podcast by Mary Meckley) or app (Insight Timer ) or find it on YouTube. Each one has a different music (zen music, flowing water, nature, birds, etc) to calm themselves. Personally I like zen music but each one of us might like something else. Until you try to meditate, you won’t know which one instantly calms your mind. Do not let negativity of the uncertainty phase pull you down in any manner. While meditation say a positive affirmation to yourself. It will help to boost self confidence. Repeat it in your mind. It’s a secret to manifest a goal.

4. Eating healthy – The body and mind are interconnected. We need to take care of both by using our inner power to choose whether we eat healthy or not. In my earlier post, I have mentioned types of food will boost our immune system.

5. Pray – Regardless of our religion, we all bow our heads to the creator of the world. Do not give up on the hope in yourself. In the end miracles will happen and things will get better. Pray towards spiritual guidance and to receive strength for overcoming this phase of life.

“Anything is possible when you have inner peace”

Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda, Disney

Make every attempt to spread the positive vibe! More in next blog. Stay tuned 🙂

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