Overcoming Loneliness! :)

During the pandemic, most of us have faced loneliness of being quarantining in our houses. As humans it’s normal to crave for attention. There is a direct relationship between loneliness and depression. The more lonely you feel the more depressed you’ll be for need for having company. Both are negative energy which tend to multiply causing harm to our mental health. Happiness is a strong positive vibe which can drive the darkness of loneliness away.

It’s always easy to advise others but when it comes to implementing the same for us we procrastinate. In this phase of despair, the human race has been encouraging each other to stand united. We all are together in this. And each one has paused their life. It is the time where there is a thin line between indulging and building your lifestyle better or ruining it with bad habits which will be harmful for your physical and mental health.

Loneliness can be physical as well mental. We need to overcome this negative energy. Here are some ways which can be helpful.

1. Write down your thoughts – Over thinking is normal behavior. First we need to direct our thoughts in right channel so that once the direction is proper we will end up in the correct path. Our thoughts can vary from person to person depending on our circle of people we spend most time with. Habits also are part of thought process. When you start journaling things which are going in your mind, it will help to know the root cause of this situation. Start with having two separate pages or divide the page into two side. One side note only the good and positive feeling about this phase. Mention how would you guide yourself out of it by thinking of solutions. Because in the end it’s your decision to stay in the dark or get up and walk away towards the light. In the other side express your vulnerability and negativity. Let all those emotions flow out. There is a rule for this exercise. For every one negative thing you add, you’ll have to add two positive things on the other side. Initially it will be difficult since we have only negativity. But eventually you’ll learn to chase the light.

2. Listen to a podcast – In today’s world everything is available online on the internet. There so plenty of people to inspire us. Find the podcast which elevates your current situation and will pull you up towards positivity. In case you think podcast are too long and you don’t want something short then I would recommend to listen “7 Good minutes self improvement podcast” by Clyde Lee Dennis. This podcast is only seven minutes long. I’m sure we can give at least 7 minutes while we multitask our busy life routine. Another few podcasts which I would suggest are:

  • “Empower Her” Kacia Fitzgerald
  • “Unf*ck Your Brain” by Kara Loewentheil
  • “Earn Your Happy” by Lori Harder
  • “Positively unlimited podcast” by Chetna.

I am pretty sure there are more podcasts which you might have heard so please feel free to comment it below and share it with others.

3. Talk to the people whom inspire you – Most of us have a friend circle which are mood booster. In case you feel drained after talking to your friends then perhaps they are not pushing you towards your best potential. Maybe you need to change your environment. Have people who elevate your self confidence. After talking to them you should not feel drained.

4. Clean the clutter- We have been so busy in our lives that we often do not clean and tidy our rooms regularly. Decluttering helps to make room for new arrangements. Also mentally we have a sense of feeling lighter.

5. Don’t go back to past or toxic relationships – We often feel lonely when we give the power to the other person for our happiness. We forget that happiness lies within us. Do not try to mend to past bond which was broken for a reason. In case of a recent breakup, contacting your ex during the times of loneliness is never a good idea. Remember, you miss the feeling you shared not the person who wasn’t the way you thought it would work out.

6. Indulge in new hobby – Its never too late to learn something new. If you are confused what could you possibly do perhaps this list might be useful – learn a musical instrument, dancing, singing, workout or exercise, knitting, painting (glass painting, pot painting, canvas painting), reading, cooking, learning a new language, origami, embroidery, paper quilling, etc.

7. Self assurance- Talking to yourself can be helpful. I know it sounds crazy but I have tried it personally. It helps to calm down and relax along with boosting self confidence.

8. Draw patterns – There is a remedy to calm down our anxiety by drawing. No one is an artist but we all have doodled in that boring lecture in school. Did you know that even following patterns of lines and shapes can be a destress? Drawing zentangles (picture of what I have drawn below) includes different patterns in every box. In the end it’s beautiful to see how the artwork turns out to be artist.

8. Ask a consultant – I am not an expert to advise full proof ways. You can always consult a therapist or consultant who help you out. I am sure they have an expert opinion on recommending solutions of overcoming loneliness.

“Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future”

Shah Rukh Khan, Dear Zindagi (Bollywood movie)

Stay tuned for more post till then stay happy and safe. Be a source to spread the positive vibes. 🙂

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